About Fluxedo

Welcome to Fluxedo Shirts blog. This is where I keep track of all the crazy, weird and wonderful places that I and any others have worn Fluxedo Shirts. We are going to be pushing the boundaries of Fluxedo wearing to new highs over the next few weeks, months and years so be prepared to be amazed. Don’t be afraid to act like you impressed.

What is a Fluxedo Shirt?

A Fluxedo Shirt is a regular men’s dress shirt worn with a tuxedo but with a stylish design or pattern on the back that is only revealed when the dinner jacket. Fluxedo Shirts can also be customised dress shirts with company logo, personal designs or text. They revolutionise men’s formal dress and impress alot of girls on the way.

Where do I get one from?


How did it come about?

I  first started Fluxedo  in early 2009 a few months after my graduation from Nottingham University and a brief spell in the printing industry. After attending many formal occasions, I observed 1000’s of ladies in a stunning array of colours and styles and the same number of men in uniformly dull black tie dress code. They look stunning, we look like……. well, stuffed penguins.  It is part of the point to make the ladies look good, but surely we owe it to them and us to offer something a little beyond conformity right up to the end. Until now, we males have had no stylish opportunity to offer colour, excitement and surprise while remaining true to the formal codes. – Fluxedo will change all this. Gentlemen, stand up and man up!

The Fluxedo Range


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