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Bestival 2009

Bestival held on the Isle of Wight has been running for about 8 years now and is used my many festival goers as the last blow out of the summer. This year was no exception, the line up as epic and the Space fancy dress theme on Saturday was truly amazing.Off to the Space Ball

To sit and watch 1000’s of people poor out of their campsite in some of the most original, outrageous and plane bizarre fancy dress ever witnessed was spectacular! Form the guys dress as a Jewish man with pita breads on him (get it?!??..a certain planet) to the guy only wearing Space Invaders crisp packets and many more. As for the music – Massive Attack memorised the crowd on Friday night on the main stage followed by the lights of Kraftwerk who put of a powerful display and a great ‘Tour De France’ set and were all replaced by electric mannequin for an encore!

Space men hang with aliensThe Bolly Wood tent was an oven of Reggae by day and finished by Rob Da Bank set on Sunday night. Perhaps on of the biggest surprise was a pumping atmosphere of the Rizla bus, and rather amusing Hip Hop karaoke afternoon.



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Notting Hill Carnival

I decided to go as a secret agent to Notting Hill Carnival this year. Unfortunately the roasting hot weather meant it was far too hot for a jacket which kind on blew my cover a bit. Despite the fine weather,  copious amounts of jerk chicken, Red Stripe and fine ladies shaking there stuff we still managed to have a great time!


They will never notice the Gun in the back pocket

The atmosphere was pumping all day long with the streets packed with that Carnival vibe. From what I could see and experience the event was very well ‘organised’ and the police seemed to doing a great job under some pretty hectic circumstances (despite not finding my gun!)


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V Festival, Stafford

Where next

I though it was time to take this blog to the next level so I packed my tuxedo and several Fluxedo shirts and headed off to V Festival, stafford. Wondering around in a  tuxedo  seemed to get strange looks….. its not really fancy dress, just a bit weird, but that’s cool?!?  I was actually working for some of the festival with Flare Events which meant we were camping about 200 yards from the 4 Music Stage, ideal! We even manged to earn £35 from collecting cups off the floor.

Yes this may seem pikey but when your drunk a cup picking contest followed by jousting match is just what you need.The casual fesival look

Fatboy Slim were entertaining but not very live. Lilly Allen was feisty as ever. Dizzy Rascal was funny to laugh at. Oasis great but only because they’re Oasis, otherwise they were rubbish. Calvin Harris was loving it and so was I. Gutted to miss Krafty Kuts at Bacardi tent – no one told me! Strombow tent was pumping for the 5 minutes I was there. V is also full of lots of retards pissing on each other which is entertaining if you can avoid the splashes. All in all a dam fine weekend and you can expect more from Fluxedo this weekend.


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Cocktail Society Ball

The Nottingham University ‘Cock Soc’ Ball is the most extravagant, out ragous student run ball out there. If you and your mates should be popular enough to get tickets then you are treat to pre lash and an array of ‘Cock Soc’ merchandise before the ball before being whisked off to a Country Park by the bus load. Scantly glad women wearing a real life Pythons, broulesk girls on stilts, crazy magician, midgets serving you wine, a bottle of wine each, snuff, bottle of port per table make it a pretty spectacular event. Of course Fluxedo and their pattern dress shirts were there and even made custom bow ties for the 5 ‘Cock Soc Reps’.  Oh what a night.

The Fluxedo range on Display

Guaranteed pull


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